National Poppin’ Popcorn Month - Say hello to Corn & Co!

I cannot express in words how happy I am that this place exists! They’ve taken popcorn to a whole new level. For reals, have you ever seen a periodic table of popcorn before? I didn’t think so!

And every flavor I’ve tried has been complete delicious. I can’t seem to pick which one I like the most from their kettle corn, peanut butter and jelly, maple, s’mores, salt & vinegar,

caramel apple, and caramel. All soo good. All so different. And plus, popcorn is actually pretty good/not that bad for you! Too bad I often sucome to the “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” rule.

TV Shows: The Blacklist

I don’t think I’ve ever like a pilot of a show as much as I like this one. Seriously, I think NBC has some real potential this one. There is already suspense and mystery, twist and turns, secrets and truths you wish you didn’t know, and all without being cheesy. 

But my concern, who is going to be my favorite character… too many options. I think if they somehow added a character in for comic relief… that would seal the deal.

Treehouse Bicycle Elevator

FINALLY! A purpose for bikes besides running pedestrians (and cars) down on the road. And this just seriously intensified by desire to live somewhere were I can have a balls to the walls awesome treehouse. 

But of course, there is always a ladder for the wimpiest of people. One pending question though, you know for when I build my own, how do you get off it at the top?


Am I completely crazy for wanting one of these? Probably not- considering they’ve raised $65,000 in 3 days. YEAH, some people just really want to turn the way they interact with their dog or cat into a video game.

Although, I do have wonder if this will end up torturing the pets on the other side of the camera. I can just see them sitting there, for hours, whining and waiting for the little red laser dot to reappear.

And if their Kickstarter Campaign is any indication of their professionalism, backers are in for a real treat!

Speaking of which, why doesn’t this thing dispense treats? Maybe they’re saving that for version 2?

But the part that really gets… allowing your friends and family to play with your dog from their smart phones. NOW MY PUP’S GRANDPARENTS CAN PLAY WITH HER WHENEVER THEY WANT!!

I’m complete sold… now I just have to sell someone in making the investment for me….

Lino Cut Portraits

New goal in life: be so ridiculously awesome, I get a linocut portrait made in my honor… okay, that sound a little narcissistic. I mean, I guess I don’t personally have to be awesome, I could just say something really awesome… But then it would probably just be a quote without a picture. 

Plus, these subjects look so incredibly dignified… so sorry Miley fans, there will never be one for her.

Dachshund Shaped Crayons

imageHOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO COLOR WITH THESE?!?! They’re way to cute and awesome and amazing to ruin by coloring something that you probably would have been better off using colored pencils for. 


Plus with the shape of these little guys, I have a feeling coloring within the lines just got much more difficult. Like should you try to color with the paws, nose, or maybe the butt would be best.

imageOr maybe they would just be best as a desk accessory. I mean, I don’t know about you, but my desk at work isn’t already too crowded (HINT: I’m being sarcastic). 

National Pecan Cookie Day

Pecan Maple Caramel Praline Cookies

Wow way to make something that could be completely mundane, anything but mundane. These puppies looking incredibly delicious. Seriously, how could you not love a warm gooey cookie dripping with caramel?

Blueberry Maple Pecan Cookies

I feel like these are the muffins of all cookies. What sound more delicious than a Blueberry Maple Pecan Muffin? Nothing… except when you make it into a cookie. 

Spoonflower Custom Wallpaper


Being able to create your own pattern for wallpaper is completely ingenious! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve though of a pattern that would be awesome for fabric, but then can’t find it anywhere. And wallpaper print is basically the same thing. 

Now, if only if only they set it up so that it was like the t-shirt company Threadless….  that sounds like a good way to make some dough.

Colour Me Creative Instagram

The talent held by this single person is unbelievable. I seriously had no idea of the things that could be accomplished with mere colored pencils. 

Anyway, this instagram— all images drawn by Kristina Webb, of New Zealand— is one of the most amazing instagrams I’ve ever seen.

And this is just one of her “doodles” on a starbucks cup. Seriously, they should hire her to create a cooler design for all their cups. 


TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy

So I’ll admit… I’m a little late really behind the trend on this one. Truth is, I tried to watch it a couple of years ago and just wasn’t that interested. But then, I started it a couple weeks ago…. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW.

I’m not sure if it’s the motorcycle toughness/grungy trend they’ve got going on. Maybe how even with all their ups and downs, they’re still a tight-knit family. Maybe it’s just because Jax is pretty. Or the fact that I can’t get over how the Mom from the DCOM Smart House is Queen of the club.  

Let’s just say, even though I’ve only gotten through the first two seasons, I’m disappointed that they are in their last season on TV.


Tea Shirts Packaging

So PUNNY I can’t stand it. But you have to admit, it’s just punny enough to be awesome, but not to punny that it’s stupid. And it might seem a little ridiculous… but not without being ridiculously brilliant. 

I just wonder if they have different types of hangers and different types of tees. Just think of the flavor profiles inside V-Neck or WifeBeaters….

via godsdammitk / dearyoulovejenny

Fairy Tale Cookies

Give these to a child, tell them not to play with their food, and watch what reaction they give you. I don’t think I’ve every seen food that begs to be played with as much as this! 



But not to be picky…. I can’t of wish the magical fairy tale character had arms.  You know, so you could make him juggle and fun stuff like that. Or he could play chess…. he seems like he’d be a good chess player.