Websites: Bloglovin’

I am lovin’ me some Bloglovin’. This website literally changing my life, well at least saved me opening a million different bookmarks on my computer. Wanna know how? It streamlines all the blogs you follow (from blogspot, wordpress, etc., but not tumblr) into 1 nice little news feeds. That way you don’t have to check your 50+ blogs to see if there are any updates. It’s right in front of you!! This way you can see what posts you’ve read from your fav blogs and what posts are new. Ah, efficiency… although Dora, my loverly little macbook, might being to feel I’m neglecting her since I don’t have to spend nearily as much time with her. BUT since they have an iPhone app… yeah my iPhone is feelin the love.

And if you’re still confused by my super awesome description you can watch a video about it. Maybe that video will make more sense. 

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