Infomercials: Vitamix

This was the most amazing infomercial I’ve very seen in my entire life. BECAUSE IT WAS LIVE. THAT’S RIGHT A LIVE INFOMERCIAL at the fair. And let me tell you, I was soo ready to buy the “world’s best blender” until I found it was $500 ish. Yeah, that kinda put a damper on the awesomeness of what was going on in the front of me.

No editing tricks, no excuses, no hiding anything. I was completely captivated and they were feeding you during the show. What tv can do that?…. That’s right, none. 

The presentation was even complete with special “day of” offers, payment plans, and was seemingly on repeat. From now on I want all products advertised, displayed, and demoed in front me. I’ll expect nothing less. 

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