Pillow Love Renovations

This blog might be home to some of my new favorite renovations on furniture. Just look at what she was able to accomplish this God awful pink chairs. 

Now they have this awesome vintage feel - thanks to their shape and wood trim, but completely modern - due to an excellent choice in fabric. 

She also was quite in formative with how to do this on your own with her Re-Upholstery DIY post. 

Also one her website was this awesome little bench. Kinda looks like something g-ma might own. I can just image that tacky blue velvet fabric smelling like something that died. 

But look what fun you can have with it!! Elephants are so much more fun that blue velvet. And changing the silver to gold was a daring, but awesome choice. Again, able to feel complete vintage and modern at the same time. 

This Bench Transformation is just incredible. I might have a new blog crush.