Patterned Settee Makeover



From boring to obnoxiously awesome in one, check that, two fabrics. Anyone else notice how the width of the cushion has some zig-zaggy striped goodness? You don’t have to love this settee, and honestly I would never ever own something like this, but if it doesn’t at least make you simple, then clearly, you’re living in an all black world. 

Is it dark in there?

FYI: settee refurnished byFiber & Fire

Kitchen Nook Makeover



The thought of painting a wall black 3/4 of the wall up a wall would have never occurred to me. But thank you Restless Oasis for opening my eyes to a brand new awesome world. 

Simple reason why this is obsession worthy: you get to capture all the drama and elegance that goes with painting walls super dark colors, but you maintain that light airy open feeling. 

Amazeballs (yep, I’m bringing that word back into circulation, unless you can think of a better one)

Crisp Clean 1950s Kitchen Reno

I don’t think I’ve seem a transformation from this era that I’ve liked more. Seriously, the cleanliness and crispy of this reno brings out the extreme attention to detail this homeowner has. 

My favorite detail…. the arched doorway. What a classy little addition. 

And of course, I’m completely enamored with the bookcase on the end of the island. 

Simple, clean, modern, and classy- this is what every kitchen should try to achieve

Ikea Dresser Upgrade

Um…. yes, yes, and yes. Way to make something basic and frankly, kind of ugly, into something gorgeous, awesome, and insanely beautiful. Seriously, if I had the vision to create things like this… I probably would have saved my roommate several hundred dollars on her last visit. OH WELL. I’m guess I need to re-find my creative crafting ability for this new apartment.

via Centsational Girl

Vintage Hall Dresser



What a beautiful little bureau we have here! I think it’s amazing for people to be able to think past the ordinary. Normally people would focus on enhancing the front, but the opposite was done here. The front was simplified and sides were enhanced. 

Now that makes for a piece of furniture you don’t want to shove into a tight space.

via Design*Sponge

YHL Fireplace Makeover

AMAZEMENT. UTTER AMAZEMENT. Before sucks-hard, During is fine, nothing special, but nice enough, and after…. A-FREAKIN’-MAZING. This is why I love old homes. Homes that need ridiculous amounts of work. And this is way more inspiring than any new home fire place could ever be… let’s just say it has character!!

images via Young House Love

Garden Kitchen Makeover

From Garbage to Gorgeous. Seriously, who would want to continue to live in a kitchen with pink bead board walls and pale blue kitchen cabinets? No one. Exactly my point. 



But honestly, I’m not sure what the stand out feature of this kitchen is? all the wonderful coordinated pops of red? The combination of white cabinets with black countertops? Or the black and white cat sitting on the counter?

But I’m not a cat person, so that’s just disguisting…

images via Apartment Therapy

Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation

So I have to be honest… when I first saw this pre-transformation pic, I got a little upset. To me, this seems like a perfectly plain, neutral, modern kitchen. How on earth could someone just spending thousands of dollars to redo a kitchen that’s perfectly functional??


Then I saw the after pics…



Now my only though: alright, well done. I see your point now. 

Never again will I doubt those Brooklynites. 

via Apartment Therapy

Painted Laminate Cabinets

Honestly, until this very moment, I did not think it was possible to do a makeover on laminate cabinets or laminate anything for that matter. But the Little Green Notebook has given me a well need education. And what I find most amazing about this reno… it’s a rental unit. Yeah, I wonder what the landlord is gonna think of this little upgrade!! I think she deserves at least a month of free rent. 

Bland to Bright Living Room

Of course I’m obsessed with this transformation. Emily Henderson is one of my favorite interior designers of all time. But this is seriously impressive. I love how she show that you can take a neutral space/create a neutral space and spice that baby up! Plus if all your bases are neutral, once you get bored with the current color scheme you can just switch it out!

Pure. Unaltered. Inspiration.

Simplified House Makeover



They made everything amazing!!! Seriously, I love me some dark wood floors and every ounce of how they decorated. Plus the fireplace is such a drastic improvement, it deserves some kind of reward. I’m obsessing over this fireplace. Completely in love. 


But then comes the kitchen… and all it’s lack of desirable qualities. Granted it is large enough. Seriously any house should be proud to have a kitchen so large and full of potential. 



Wah-la!!! And actually to make this makeover a little more amazing… if you look closely, they didn’t actually replace the cabinets. That’s right, they just painted them white and added crown modeling. But they should have added the skins that make your appliances stainless steel to match the refrigerator. 

There a ton of more before pics and after pics for you to look at if you’d like

The Difference A Couple Cabinets Make…

That’s right, do it right. Something as simple as raising the height of some of the cabinets, painting, installing a backsplash, adding cabinet pulls, and changing the cabinet doors. Well I guess that’s a lot of things actually. But seriously, it couldn’t have cost all the much money. 

Plus, did you notice the knew baller penant lights they put over the sink/island counter area? So cool…. I think the phrase “so cool” should make a serious comeback.  Yeah, that’d be cool